Lukoyanovskiy district

Lukoyanovskaya land is rich with talented people. It has given a lot of outstanding scientists and artists to the country and to the world, many of them have been discoverers and founders of braches of contemporary science. The world knows the names of N.P. Sinitsyn who has been dealing with transplantation of human organs aspects, N.N. Urvantsev - the founder of Norilsk, M.I. Sumgin - creator of geocryology (the science about permanent frost), N.N. Blokhin - the talented scientist in the sphere of medicine and others.
Lukoyanov is tightly connected with A.S. Pushkin’s name. The village Bolshoe Boldino has referred to Lukoyanovskiy district in the 19th century, where the writer has been more than once. He has stayed in Lukoyanov itself as well, when he has arrived here on business.
The place, where Pushkin has stayed in Lukoyanov, is the house of Lukoyanovskiy baker and innkeeper Ivan Trofimovich Ageev. The house is situated at the most lively place of the old city Lukoyanov: in the close proximity from the bazar. It has remained nowadays.
The famous literary critic N.A. Dobrolubov is among the people, who have glorified Lukoyanovskaya land. His family goes back to the old village Tolskiy Maidan of Lukoyanovskiy district. N.A. Dobrolubov’s grandfather, his grandmother lived at the beginning of the last century in Tolskiy Maidan, and then his father has been born here.
Lukoyanovskaya land is the land of predecessors of patriarch Kirill as well. Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia has wished in 2010 to visit the city Lukoyanov to hallow Protection of the Blessed Virgin Temple, recreated there.
The residents of Lukoyanov carefully preserve the culture for centuries. Ethnocultural holiday - festival of Erzya songs “Erzyan lismaprya” take place here, sculptures are being installed to the characters of the Erzya folklore.
Such craft as “Lukoyanovskaya painting”- the author’s wood painting is widely known among the crafts of Lukoyanovskiy district. It is conformable to Gzhelevskaya painting. Blue on white background is the distinctive peculiarity of Gzhel majolica. The residents of Lukoyanov have decided to exchange the color of the background and the painting. Many people have liked this combination. And they have liked the simple white pattern that resembles lace as well.
Lukoyanovskaya land hallows its traditions, is taking care of authentic culture, monuments of the past, but it does not forget about the future and looks into the future with certainty.