Dalnee Konstantinovo district

The Dalnee Konstantinovo district is located in the south of the Nizhny Novgorod region, 70 km from Nizhny Novgorod.
Dalnee Konstantinovo is an old Russian settlement, the emergence of which is referred by researchers to the time of the founder of the Nizhny Novgorod Great Princedom, Prince Konstantin Vasilievich (1341-1355), and has long been a center of local life, known primarily for its market, where people sold bread, meat and other food products, craft items and industrial goods. Special attention here has always been paid to the development of agricultural production. The Dalnee Konstantinovo lands remember many famous visitors, such as A.P. Chekhov who participated in the provision of assistance to starving peasants, N.I. Kochin who later became a famous Soviet writer, V.V. Kovanov, renowned Soviet surgeon and academician.
Of special interest are the Somov Mountains, a forest steppe area that has the status of a natural monument of regional significance. In the area of Simbiley village, on picturesque hills of the right bank of the Ozerka river, the Dalnee Konstantinovo master V.I. Somov created the Russian military glory gallery, erecting monuments to participants of all wars. The memorial opens with the monument to Prince Alexander Nevsky.
Historical and cultural monuments are also preserved in the territory of the district: the Epiphany Church in Bogoyavleniye village (1826), Kazan Church (1751) in Rumyantsevo village, Sergiev Church (1860) in Tepelevo village.
Dalnee Konstantinovo has a district museum of local lore, in which one can learn about the history of the area, its archeological findings, Orthodox temples, the memorial hall and unique natural areas.
In 2012, the Ethnography Center was opened in the village. Its key purpose is to study Russian traditional culture, with a focus on its local specifics. The Dalnee Konstantinovo district is unique by its cultural characteristics: it is one of the ancient Slavic settlements in the south of our region and the territory of famous and mysterious Mordovian Teryukhane. The district also had settlements of Old Believers while Dalnee Konstantinovo itself was a large trading center with its unique culture. The center focuses on studying the peasant culture. It possesses ethnographic materials and items of material culture and conducts thematic master classes.