Vadskiy district

It occupies favourable transport position: it is located in the central part of the region, the railway track Nizhni Novgorod - Kazan is at its territory. The district is one of the most environmentally favourable territories of the Nizhni Novgorod Region due to its natural geographical location and absence of industrial facilities, polluting the environment.
The nature has generously gifted the forests, bonds, dolomites, clays, sand and unique underground waters to the region. Vadskoe karst lake, having peculiar hydrological mode, is feeded with strong rising karst sources.
Village Vad is the administrative centre of the district. Vadskoe lake, unique monument of nature of regional significance is located here.
The lake was generated in the bed of the left-bank tributary of the river Vadok as a result of merging of several sinks. Depth of the lake at the most part does not exceed 3 m. but it reaches 12-15 m. at two areas in the places of deep sinks. The lake is fed with the strong rising karst sources: underground water is springing in the intense way, it creates constant ripples on the surface of the lake. Water frequently does not freeze in winter.
The conservational complex “Svyatye kluchi” is the special place in Vadskiy district, it is a marvellous place, overgrown with oaks and hazel and located not far off the village Zelyonye Gory. A lot of travelers have stopped here to drink cold water, to have a rest in silence, to pray. Local residents have visited springs quite frequently as well, in accordance with the legend they have taken water from all the sources (there are 13 of them here), then they have mixed it up and such water has been considered to be especially healing.
At the present time the cavin, where there are the purest sources, has turned into the city-miracle. There is the convenient wooden staircase with the handrails that leads to the well-equipped sources, chapels and benches for having rest. There is the bath-house, made of the beams, divided by the partition into the male and female halves in this orthodox city in the clough. Water goes to the facility via the concrete drains from the nearest springs. They bathe here all the year round and lovers of health-improving, icy bathing are not afraid of severe frost.
Several catering establishments work for tourists in Vadskiy district.