Bolshoe Boldino ditrict

Bolshoe Boldino is a place related to the life and work of a great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. An ancient family mansion, a park with cascading ponds, forests of birch and weeping willows, the aroma of apple trees, fabulous gazebos and bridges, a fantastic view over picturesque fields – all these things bring special excitement to the soul along with the lines of Pushkin verses: “And I forget the world, in blissful peace/ I am sweetly lulled by my imagination,/ and poetry awakens in me then;/ my soul, hard pressed by lyric agitation,/ trembles, resounds and seeks as if in sleep/ to surface finally in free expression…”

This wonderful place charms with its inimitable poetic aura, leaving a desire to return again and again to feel the charm and delight of partaking in the phenomenon known as the Boldino autumn. 

Coming to Boldino, you’ll visit old Pushkin mansion preserved from the beginning of the 19th century; a museum of the lifestyle of Pushkin’s time, a museum of Pushkin fairytales, and exhibition halls. 

In a 19th century carriage, you’ll go to Pushkin’s favorite walking place – Luchinnik forest. Every year on the first Sunday in June, the Russian Poetry Festival of Pushkin is held here. In September you can visit the “Boldino Readings” and the “Boldino Autumn” festival. Those who want to feel like a character in a Pushkin book can get a picture of themselves taken in 19th century costumes. 

A couple of kilometers from Boldino is Lvovka village, where the mansion of Pushkin’s elder son is located in a linden tree park with a wooden church and a picturesque pond. This mansion with a park, a village street with a chain of ponds and ancient trees surrounding them, forms a museum of characters of The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin, the famous series of short stories written by Pushkin. 

Other nearby villages are also connected to Pushkin’s name. Two kilometers from Boldino in the Pikshen village is a museum of the local lifestyle of the Mordvin people with interactive programs during which traditional Mordvin dishes can be tasted. 

A part of Kistenyovo village was once the only property actually belonging to Pushkin. The poet used the places name in his short story “Dubrovsky”. 

Bolshoye Kazarinovo village is also located two kilometers away from Boldino. In the 19th century Bolshoye Kazarinovo once was a large black-glazed ceramics production center. Today you can witness how ceramics is manufactured in pottery. Balls are also still held in Boldino: real 19th century dancing evenings with romances’ singing and other social entertainments of Pushkin’s time. 

The scientific-cultural centre “Pushkinskiy” has been opened in 2015, where tourists can visit picture gallery, master-classes on arts and crafts, ball hall and winter garden. 

In Bolshoye Boldino one can spend a night in a comfortable hotel. 

Come to Boldino to feel the poetic magic of in the classic land of old Pushkin!