Urban district Sarov

Sarov is located in the South of the Nizhni Novgorod Region within 178 km from Nizhni Novgorod. The city has appeared as Svyato-Uspenskaya Sarovskaya pustyn (monastery), founded on the 26th of June 1691. The name of the monastery is given as per the river Sarovka and it origins from finno - ugric basis “sara” - the moor, slough.
Sarovskaya pustyn (monastery) becomes the spiritual center, known in Russia, “academy of monkery” by the middle of the 18th century and Seraphim Sarovskiy, consecrated a saint, is the most famous ascetic.
The city Sarov is both religious and scientific centre of Russia. In 1946 this place has been chosen for organising the scientific centre, where Russian nuclear weapons have been created. Secret facility has changed many names during the time of its existence, Arzamas -16 is the most known of them. In 1995 the city has obtained official name Sarov.
It is modern city with developed infrastructure. The higher educational institution - Physics and Technology Institute works here, there are two theatres and four museums.
Today Sarov is a closed city, although residents of the city can leave it for training or for work. However, entry to the city is almost closed for residents of other cities.