Diveyevo district

The Diveyevo village has an orthodox Holy Trinity-Saint Seraphim-Diveyevo Monastery. Saint Seraphim of Sarov’s relics are kept here.

Saint Seraphim of Sarov is one of the few saints who reached the highest heights of spiritual perfection after having completed all acts of faith: hermitage, asceticism preaching, silence and seclusion. Virgin Mary manifested herself to Saint Seraphim twelve times. He blessed nine monasteries that were constructed in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

In 1778 Prokhor Moshnin (the religious name of Seraphim) joined the Sarov monastery as a novice. In this place – 15 kilometers from Diveyevo – he went through all his acts of faith, here he spent years as a hermit and after 1825 started receiving everyone who needed spiritual assistance. That was one more act of faith: eldership, assisting others. A hundred years after his death in 1903, Seraphim of Sarov was glorified (canonized as a saint) by the Russian Orthodox Church based on the many cases of healing by Saint Seraphim’s prayer. 

Holy Trinity-Saint Seraphim-Diveyevo Monastery was founded by a rich noblewoman Agafiya Melgunova, who later became nun Alexandra. According to the legend, Virgin Mary manifested herself to Agafiya in 1760 in Kievo-Florovsky Monastery and ordered to start a sorority near the village of Diveyevo. In 1767 Agafiya founded a stone church of Our Lady of Kazan in Diveyevo and also started a sorority. Feeling her death approaching, Alexandra asked the Sarov elders not to leave the sisters without spiritual guidance. Father Pakhomy took leadership of the sorority, and after his death Saint Seraphim succeeded him.

Saint Seraphim is said to have seen a manifestation of the Virgin Mary who blessed the monastery with her presence. By the order of Saint Seraphim, nuns dug a trench along the path that the Virgin Mary had walked. Seraphim used to comment about its significance in the following way: “This trench was measured by the Queen of Heaven with her belt. One who will walk this trench with a prayer and will cite Ave Maria a hundred and fifty times, will have everything here: Mount Athos, Jerusalem and Kiev”. Since then the Diveyevo village is regarded as the forth place in the world blessed by Virgin Mary, and since the Ukraine became an independent state, it is the only one left in Russia. 

In 1927 the sorority was closed. In the spring of 1990, the main Holy Trinity cathedral was re-consecrated and the monastery’s revival started. In the summer of 1991, the miraculous Saint Seraphim of Sarov’s relics were found in the Kazan Cathedral in Saint Petersburg and transported to the monastery.

Thousands of pilgrims come to Diveyevo from the whole world on foot or by vehicle. They come here to bow to the sacred Diveyevo land and Saint Seraphim of Sarov’s relics. The relics of Diveyevo nuns -Alexandra, Marpha and Elena, all consecrated as saints - are kept in the Nativity of Virgin Mary Church. 

Tourists coming to Diveyevo can stay at the modern hotel “Diveyevo Settlement” constructed in the traditions of Old Russian wooden architecture or at economy hotels.