Ardatovskiy district

It is located in the South-West part of the Nizhni Novgorod Region, the working settlement Ardatov is the centre of the district. 
One can say that the working settlement Ardatov, located at the confluence of rivers Lemet and Siyazma, is typical of the Nizhni Novgorod Region and for the whole Russia. 
The buildings, constructed in the 18th-19th centuries have remained in the historical centre of Ardatov: the building of former district treasury, where today there located the museum of local lore, department of agroprombank, two-storeyed building in the Leninskaya street - there is the editorial office of the regional newspaper and printing -office here now; monumental building (1918-1928), where the regional administration is located nowadays. 
Znamenskiy cathedral of 1802 refers to the monument of Federal importance - district college. Its architect is the representative of late classicism M.P. Korinfskiy.
Burial vault of Chaadaevy family in the village Khripunovo, where Yakov Petrovich and Nataliya Mikhailovna Chaadaevy and their son Mikhail Yakovlevich have been buried, reminds about nobiliary culture, world view of representatives of this social stratum, and the grave of his better known brother, philosopher P.Y.Chaadaev is located in Moscow, in Donskoi convent. 
Sometimes it happens that one sign, either the monument or the house or just one surname allow to imagine the picture of other times and other people’s life. Now Znamenskiy skete of Seraphimo-Diveevskiy convent is located in the church that started to be built by Yakov Chaadaev. By the way, sketes of Seraphimo-Diveevskiy convent are located in the other villages of Ardatovskiy district as well. 
Ardatovskiy district in general impresses because of many manors of the nobility, located here some time ago. There are enough monuments, confirming their existence. For example, Zhukovy manor has been in the village Levashevo some time ago - the Spasopreobrazhenskaya church, built in 1764, has remained, iconostas of those times, frescoes, kiots have remained nowadays. 
The main house of Sadovskie manors has remained in Lichadeevo. Silver Age poet Boris Sadovskiy (Sadovskoy) has lived here for several years. He was born in Ardatov, in the family of notable public man of the Nizhni Novgorod Governorate, local lore specialist Alexander Sadovskiy. Then the family moved to Lichadeevo, where they lived for several years. Beginning of his creative activity is undoubtedly connected with the Nizhni Novgorod land: here there are both the first literary trials and the first publications in the Nizhni Novgorod newspaper “Volgar”. 
As a result there is the strange picture of Ardatovskiy district: the land, closely connected with the name of Seraphim Sarovskiy, the place, where representatives of the “gilded” youth, disappointed with life in the capital, have been able to stay alone in the 19th century and at the same time the places that have inspired for literary works.