Sosnovskiy district

Sosnovskiy district is located in the central part of Western Predvolzhie. 
Intense reclamation of new lands has started in the second half of the 16th century in the lower reach of Oka and in Povolzhie and at the same time villages of the current Sosnovskiy district have been laid.
Sosnovskiy district is the motherland of the first Russian woman-doctor Nadezhda Prokofievna Suslova. Nadezhda Suslova has been born in the village Panino of Gorbatovskiy district (now Panino is a part of Sosnovskiy district) in the peasant serf’s family who has obtained letter of enfranchisement from the count Sheremetev. 
One can learn detailed history of Sosnovskiy district in the museum of local lore. 
One can consider the school of art building to be one of the most remarkable buildings of Sosnovskiy settlement. Here the tourists will become familiar with the types of decorative-applied art, one can visit exhibition hall of the school and the school museum, to take part in the master class. 
Arts and crafts remain and they are maintained in the district. Patchwork technique is developed in the village Sozonova, there is the women’s club on the basis of the village House of culture, though many people have been dealing with sewing privately. The regional festival “Patchwork mosaic” takes place in the village every year. There are many villages where there are masters, working with wood, for example in the village Selitba, “Holiday of banya” is celebrated here annually, the best masters are rewarded at it. Rylkovo village is known as production of felt boots.
Sosnovskiy district of the Nizhni Novgorod Region has special environmental status. Monuments of nature occupy the significant part of all the area in the district. Residents and guests of Sosnovskiy district call very beautiful lakes “Pearls of nature”: Roy, Rodionovo, Unzovo, Kirkideevo, Shishovskoe, Travnoe, Chistoe, Krivovki, Cherepakha and others. In total there are over 20 forest sink lakes in the district, many of them are recognised as the state monuments of nature. Tourists’ bases are located on the banks of the marvellous lakes in piny woods. The purest forest air, spring water, a lot of mushrooms and berries make being there unforgettable. 
Sosnovskiy district is unique as per its environmental status, numberless lakes - beauties with marvellous pine woods, wonderful vegetative and wild life make this district inimitable, modern person can have rest only here.