Navashinskiy district

The district is very young (70 years old) from the history of the district standpoint but the territory of the modern district has been inhabited by people very long time ago. 
At the present time 144 archeological monuments in the district have been registered and taken under protection, 6 of them are the monuments of Federal importance (complex of monuments Volosovskaya stop, Senior and Junior Volosovskie burial sites, stop Efanovo-Muromskiy Efanovskiy burial site, two cities of Gorodetskaya culture - city Kondrakovskoe). 
Nature is one of the main wealths of the district. Beautiful Bolshoe Svyatoe lake is one of the unique monuments of nature. S. Trofimov’s festival of songs, composed and performed by amateur singers and composers “Live communication” takes place on its bank from 2003, bards from different regions of our country and countries of the near abroad gather for the event. The festival traditionally takes place at the beginning of May. Participants of the festival live at the base of the tourist complex “Ozero Svyato”. 
Navashinskiy biological reserve is located at the territory of the district. Its area is over 19 thousand hectares. The reserve has been created in 1964 to protect desmans. Water fowl is nested and stops here too. 
The Navashinskiy district territory is rich not only with the natural resources. One of the oldest enterprises in the ship-building industry “Mordovshikovskaya sudoverf”, at the current time ОАО “Okskaya sudoverf”, is located in Navashino.