Urban district Dzerzhinsk

Despite the huge amount of same-named settlements and cities in Russia and abroad, Nizhni Novgorod Dzerzhinsk is easily distinguished and then it is remembered forever. It is easy to remember it because the city is glorious as a chemical centre of the country: the plant on making ethyl fluid, the plant on making mustard and phosgene, the plant on making chlorinated liquid have been built in the 30-ies of the 20th century. But the city is so glorious not because of Soviet years, everything has started considerably earlier: the plant of mineral acids has been founded in 1915 and the plant of explosive substances in 1916. Then there has been no city, there has been the village with a nice name Rastyapino. It has been given status of the city in 1930. Its impetuous construction history has started from this year. 
Dzerzhinsk looks uniquely - it is the integral historical architectural ensemble that includes masterpieces of vanguard of the 20-30-ies years - it is the time of formation of many innovative trends in the Soviet architecture. In particular, one can see vivid monuments of constructivism in Dzerzhinsk. The bright specimen is the building of Municipal House of the Soviets on Dzerzhinskogo square (now it is the building of Mayor's Office), built as per the design of famous architect A.Z. Greenberg. One more creation of the 30-ies is the chemical college building after Red Army on Lenina avenue (the architect is V.M. Galperin). All the builds unite general traits of constructivism - wide windows, functionality of rooms, absence of decor, geometrism, strictness, laconism of forms and integrity of look. 
Dzerzhinsk amazes with its clear and well-shaped lay-out, a lot of greenery and, certainly, architecture. Having visited this city some people can reproach the creators of its look because they are too ideologic, glorify Soviet people but it is valuable due to it. Architecture of Dzerzhinsk very sincerely expresses world-view of those years. And Dzerzhinsk has been entered into the list of cities with historically valuable architecture absolutely not by chance in 1990. 
The monument of all-Russian importance Shukhovskaya tower is located not far from Dzerzhinsk, in the bend of the river Oka, it is the unique hyperboloidal construction, made in the form of the bearing steel grid shell. The height is 128 meters. It is one of the two high-altitude hyperboloidal multisection constructions by the engineer Vladimir Shukhov that has remained in Russia, the second one is a famous Shukhovskaya tower on Shabolovka in Moscow. Shukhovskaya tower on Oka has been built seven years later than the tower on Shabolovka and western specialists acknowledge that it is more perfect and it is studied in all the world-wide institutes of the World.