Volodarskiy district

Volodarskiy district is located in the Western part of the Nizhni Novgorod Region. The city Volodarsk is the administrative centre.
Frolisheva pustyn has been founded in Volodarskiy district in the 17th century, Frolishi settlement has appeared around it already in the 30-ies of the 20th century. Svyato-Uspenskaya Frolisheva pustyn, one of the main places of interest of Volodarskiy district is located there. Svyato-Uspenskaya Frolisheva pustyn has been founded by schema monk Methodius in the 17th century on Frolisheva hill near the river Lukh on the way from Kostroma to Ivanovo. The place has been chosen not by chance: in accordance with the legend the travellers, passing Frolisheva hill by, have seen the beaming light, coming from it, and have heard the bell-ringing. The Convent has experienced a lot of difficulties in different years of its existence. Monasterial life has been revived in the Convent only from 2005. Svyato-Uspenskaya Frolisheva pustyn is the operating fratry. 
The centre of Volodarsk still completely retains the build of the end of the 19th century-beginning of the 20th century and it is still the example of pre-revolutionary merchant build. Volodarskiy historical museum is unique both in its look and content. First of all one should pay attention to the building, where it is located. Once long time ago the building was built by the famous merchant and the first Volodarskiy flour miller Bugrov for himself as a dacha. He has been a famous person not only in the Nizhni Novgorod Governorate. The foundation of local flour milling plant is associated with his name. The building has been constructed in the merchant Russian style and it has been decorated with the wooden carving. Walls of this house remember not only the outstanding writer Maxim Gorky but also Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire Witte. 
Nowadays Volodarskiy historical museum is the modern museum with rather rich exposition, telling you about the nature of native land, about the history of the city and localities. Everyone can become familiar with specimens of flora and fauna of Volodarskiy district here. Look of the museum causes the most positive associations. Sometimes it seems that it is a fairy-tale decoration. The natural timber blocking, decorated with marvellous wooden patterns with the inserts of red and green details is against the background of natural greenery. None of the excursions to Volodarskiy historical museum has left without taking a group picture against the background of this marvellous architectural masterpiece, made by the contemporary masters’ hands. 
The complex, consisting of several lakes “Svetlye ozera”, is located not far from the fratry, it is for those, who love spending time quitely. Gorgeous pine forest is located around the lakes. The banks are very picturesque in summer, they are rich in natural sand beaches and attract a lot of city residents and their guests to have a rest here and the huge snow plain becomes a resort of skiers, hunters, fishermen and simply lovers of nature in winter. 
Lovers of active rest must definitely visit settlement Iliinogorsk, where Volodarskiy dressage center is located. This complex participates in many events of Volodarskiy district, conducts exhibition performances of trainees of the complex and mass skatings. Home and cosy atmosphere prevails here, it will help to relax and enjoy walking in the manege, in the forest, horse journeys, photo sessions with horses and just communication with live nature. One can combine useful with pleasant, choosing horse journey as per the cultural-educational route, visiting settlements, churches or military-patriotic route, visiting military settlement Mulino. 
Volodarskiy district is rich in entertainments, in addition to horse journeys, even in winter, sled dog races “Winter fairy tale” are carried out in the settlement Reshetiikha. This event is of Russian level, teams from Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan, Vladimir, Cheboksary and other cities of Russia participate in it. Huskies, malamutes, downy samoyeds, laikas of various breeds - these dogs get into their native environment. But there are surprises - not sled dogs at all take part in the races: poodle and dobermans that are the serious competitors for the hosts of this type of sport by the way. Even children can participate in the races. 
“Winter fairy-tale” allows all the guests to be children a little bit.