Voznesenskiy district

Voznesenskoe settlement is located on the picturesque banks of the river Varnava, on the border of the Nizhni Novgorod Region with Mordovia. 
Village Oshpire was located on that place long time ago, its residents took active part in Peasants' War. Shuiskogo troop has ruthlessly spifflicated with local peasants in 1614. The village has become empty and it has begun to be inhabited only several years later, local residents have built the church in the name of Ascension of God and the village has begun to be called Voznesenskoe. 
One can learn history of the settlement Voznesenskoe in the historical museum of local lore where you can also see the pride of the whole Voznesenskiy district - polkhov-maidanskaya matryoshka. Local masters for already many years create famous Russian souvenirs, different from all the famous ones because of their brightness and originality. Matryoshkas and toys are being painted manually as per various old methods. 
The unique exposition “33 bogatyrya” as per A.S.Pushkin’s fairy-tale ”The Tale of Tsar Saltan...” is shown in the collection of the museum, 50 and 60-seats local beautiful matryoshka and many other unusual exhibits.
Natural resources are wealth of the settlement as well. Beautiful forests and meadows, springs with clean and healing water, beauty of the river Moksha amazes, it is the main artery of Voznesenskiy district and its border with the Republic of Mordovia. Everything is for proper rest in the fresh Voznesenskiy air. 
At the present time Voznesenskoe settlement is being actively developed in terms of tourism. Local residents will be glad to see guests and they will share the arts and crafts secrets with you with pleasure, and picturesque localities will surprise you because of their beauty every time when you come back to Voznesenskiy district.