Bogorodsk disrtict

The cozy and beautiful town of Bogorodsk grew from a small settlement of the 16th century. It was founded on the ancient carriage path from Nizhny Novgorod – Murom. The settlement was named in honor of the Chapel of the Nativity of Our Lady (“Bogoroditsa” in Russian). 

In 1615, Bogorodsk was granted to one of the Volunteer Army’s organizers - Kuzma Minin. From 1715 till 1859 Bogorodsk belonged to the historic Russian Sheremetyevy family. The natural ensemble and a pond here still hold the memories of those times. 

In the 19th century, Bogorodsk was jokingly called “The Nizhny Novgorod Versailles”, because of the number of mansions located there: the Rukavizhnikovy’s mansion in Podvyazye, Bestuzhevy-Ryuminy’s in Kudreshki, a well-known musician Ulybyshev’s in Lukino, and Sheremetyev’s ones in Savelovo and Lazarevo. 

There is also an ancient monastery in the district: Dudin Monastery, founded by the Venerable Sergius of Radonezh’s will in 1408. In the district’s east is the Oranky Monastery with its miracle-working healing icon of Our Lady of Vladimir. In Sartakovo, one can find a sacred water spring. In 2003 the spring was modernized and a chapel in honor of Saint Vladimir was built. 

The central square of Bogorodsk is adorned with the Assumption Church which was built in 1816 on a donation from the Sheremetyevy family. 

Bogorodsk is widely famous for its pottery and tanning.

The Bogorodsk Local History Museum offers its visitors a unique collection of antique ceramics. Here one can learn about the history of another local craft – tanning. 

In an ancient mansion in the center of Bogorodsk, a Crafts House is located now: a modern museum of ceramics, where different clay goods are exhibited. Here one can admire everything beginning with small decorations and finishing with artful ceramic pieces with a crystalline glaze. On the second floor one can visit the gallery of local artist Nazarov. An annual pottery festival is held in Bogorodsk on Town Day, which reveals the secrets of pottery. Here you can buy any items you like that was produced right in front of you. 

In wintertime, Bogorodsk guests are welcome to the mountain ski resorts in the Khabarskoe or Novinki villages. Those who love extreme sports can go parachuting in Bogorodsk aeroclub or take a wild ride on the car-racing track “Nizhny Novgorod Auto-Ring”.