Buturlinskiy district

Location: Southern-Eastern part of the Nizhni Novgorod Region. Working settlement Buturlino is the administrative centre. 
These places are historically connected with Ivan the Awesome and his seizure of Kazan: he generously gave to the especially distinguished people the lands in these districts after successful trek of 1552, but Russian people have inhabited it only in the 18th century. Geographical places are connected with one of the most wonderful rivers of our region - Piyana. Unusual name, picturesque views, odd current - all this is the river Piyana. Moreover the river is to the certain extent the reason of appearance and development of one of Nizhni Novgorod crafts - stone carving.
There is village Bornukovo in the Buturlinskiy district that is on the high right bank of Piyana. This bank consists of shell and alabaster, the layer of ornamental colored stone is at not a big depth. Piyana has concaved the bank during the spring spate and the huge cave with white anhydrite has generated in this place. 
The stone carving - artistic production has appeared after the revolution thanks to stone-carver of Ural Pavel Shalnov and it has started from the shop with the same name. Figures of lions, panthers, couguars as well as the household items have started appearing here since that time. 
Stone carving factory “Bornukovo cave” works in the village now. One can see the best works in the exhibition hall of the factory, master classes are being conducted here as well. Guests have opportunity to compare anhydrite, extracted in different places of our country, because exhibition of this stone is permanently shown here. 
One can learn about the mysterious cave in the Museum of Stone. Bornukovskaya animalistic toy is presented at the same place: bear, fox, hare, a part of the museum exposition is devoted to creative activity of well-known sculptors.
There is the village Bolshie Bakaldy in the Buturlinskiy district, the only one Museum of Cherry in the Nizhni Novgorod Region is located here. All-Russian competition of folk song singers “Cherry snowstorm” is carried out in the village every year. 
The river Piyana is the main place of interest of the district, the district centre of Buturlino district is located on the bank of the river. 
Goods of Bornukovskie masters-stone carvers - exposition “Stories of the ancient stone” are collated in the historical museum of local lore of the settlement. The exposition, dedicated to the legendary landsman, Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of artillery V.I. Kazakov, has occupied the special place here.