Krasnooktyabrskiy district

The district is located in the South-East of the Nizhni Novgorod Region within 180 km off Nizhni Novgorod. The majority of population is Tatars. The center of the district is the village Urazovka that has appeared in the 17th century, founded by the Tatars, relocated here from the vicinity of Kasimov, the name is connected with the name of duke Uraz.
The magnificent mosque “Rashida” has been built in the village Medyany. There is the museum in the mosque as well, cherishing memory of the heroes who have not returned from the war. There is the hall of the military glory, where exhibits and materials, dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, occupy the special place. The visible place in the museum is given to the Tatars-heroes.
The village Medyany, thanks to the mosque “Rashida” has become the centre of spiritual-religious and national-cultural life of the Tatars-Moslems of the Nizhni Novgorod Region. People come here to enjoy the masterpiece of Moslem architecture and to participate in the educational activity, deployed at the mosque. The other mosques in the villages of the district, parks, created and cleaned lakes where one hears children’s laughter, are worthily recreated and built for the countrymen’ money, the fishermen, waiting for luck, “freeze”.
The offsprings of those, who have come from the villages of Krasnooktyabrskiy district, and those, who has been born and lived in the district, honor their small motherland, their national traditions and customs, ancient and wealthy culture. The huge amount of people traditionally arrive at the holiday Sabantuy.
Krasnooktyabrskiy district carefully preserves traditions and authentic, wonderful culture of the Tatar people.