Sechenovskiy district

Sechenovskiy district is located in the Southern-Eastern part of the Nizhni Novgorod Region.
There are several monuments of historical-cultural heritage at the territory of the district: church of Icon of Mother of God - of the Three Hands, Alexander Nevskiy’s temple (erected as per the project of famous Russian architect V.I. Bazhenov), Voznesenskaya church (the oldest cult building at the territory of the district). 
Sechenovo village is the motherland of famous Russian physiologist I.M. Sechenov. There is the museum of local lore after I.M. Sechenov in the village, bust to the outstanding countryman has been installed on Sovetskaya square in the center of the village. The bust to one more countryman - the great Russian fighter and aviator I.M.Zaikin has been installed near the sports complex in the village Sechenovo in 2007.
The international tournament on fighting for the cup of Ivan Mikhailovoch Zaikin takes place annually. Sportsmen from different regions of Russia and near-abroad countries come to the tournament. There is the substantial exposition, dedicated to life and activity of the glorified countryman in the school museum at the fighter’s small motherland in the village Verkhnee Talyzino. 
Sechenovskaya land is rich in healing sources that creates preconditions for development of tourism and pilgrimage. One of the pilgrim places - Startsev Ugol, the former Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya pustyn is located on the border with Mordovia. Hermit monks have already lived at this place before its appearing in the middle of the 17th century, the second, people’s name Startsev Ugol has come from here. Pustyn has obtained its name from the name of altar (Transfiguration) of one of the churches that has been here in the old times. People honor this holiday as Savior of the Apple Feast Day, apples and other fruits are hallowed on this day, religious people thank the Supreme Being for earth gifts. 
4 wells are located in this sacred place: of Enlightener Spyridon, Nicholas the Wonderworker, Savior and Mother of God, All Saints. In spite of the fact that the wells are not deep, water in them is not frozen even during the most severe frost. The sources are located on one level but water is different as per composition in them. At the same time it is distinguished because of one common property: it very favourably influences human organism.
Startsev Ugol has rich history. Sketes and churches have perished and raised more than once. So many monks generations are in the earth of ravine... Wind, water and most of all a person have irreversibly changed everything. But the magnet that even nowadays attracts hearts and souls to Startsev Ugol, has remained without losing its force, marvellous feeling of the harmony of the world has remained here.
Boltinskiy spring can be referred to the nature-made objects of cult, the spring is in the localities of the village Boltinka. Bogolubovo is the second name of Boltinka. The holiday, dedicated to the Icon of Bogolubovo Mother of God is carried out at the spring every year on the 1st of July in the presence of a lot of clergy and orthodox christians. Water in the source has rich mineral composition and it is very popular among Sechenovskiy district residents.