Pilninskiy district

Pilninskiy district is unique because the steppe and the forest have come together here, two wonderful rivers - Piyana and Sura merge together. Sylvan banks and endless curves of beds of rivers have been the reason of founding the district centre of Pilna not in vain.
Nature and history of Pilninskaya land have created all the conditions for having a rest at the rivers, cleanest lakes, at the places of fairy-tale beauty and historical intension.
Fascinating water, walking and speleological trips are waiting here for those people, who are in love with nature, who are attracted by long trips, new adventures, unexpected discoveries, everything that is secret and mysterious. If you want to see how endless steppes are followed by oak forests and birch groves with picturesque meadows, we recommend to go on water trip on canoes or rafts on the river Piyana or Sura. Devotees of active rest and fans of geological monuments will appreciate unforgettable route at the river Piyana. The river has obtained its name thanks to its sinuosity. Piyana is beautiful but it is cunning at the same time: there are riffles at some sections of the river.
Kurmysh, founded in 1372 by the duke Boris Konstantinovich, can be called the pearl of Pilninskiy district history, it is the former district centre of the Nizhni Novgorod Governorate (4 centuries), Simbirskaya Governorate during 144 years. Layout of the 18th century has fully remained in Kurmysh, one can see buildings of churches, assembly of nobility and county assembly, merchant shops and manor houses.
First of all the peculiarity of Pilninskiy district is in the fact that Christianity and Islam coexist here throughout several centuries in peace and quiet, cupolas of orthodox churches and mosques are nearby and people of various nationalities are friends.
The only village in the Region, where two old stone mosques have been preserved, is
the village Krasnaya Gorka (Safadzhai) is the unique village at the Nizhni Novgorod territory.
There is a church in the name of Dormition of the Mother of God in the village Bortsurmany with the preserved architecture of the 18th century, the temple is in operation at the present time and reliquary with the remains of the Saint Alexis Bortsurmanskiy is kept in it.
In addition to it, one of the places of interest of the settlement is the church in the name of Enlightener and Wonderworker Nicholas, as well as “Niphontov kolodchik” with healing spring water that is located not far from the church, on the bank of the river Piyana. The Saint “Niphontov kolodchik”, how it is called by the residents of the settlement Pilna, has been honored already from the end of the 17th century. Many residents of Pilna value the source and its bracer for taste and healing properties.