Kstovskiy district

Kstovskaya land is a marvellous place in Russia with rich and ancient history. It is widely and freely located on the right bank of the great Russian river Volga on one side and picturesque, meandering small river Kudma on the other side.
No wonder that skilful masters have lived in these places since olden times, since the 15th century. Embroideresses, forgers, wood-cutters, carpenters and masters of making different housewares of clay and elm. One still remembers them on Kstovskaya land that is why the centre of people’s culture “Bereginya” has been organised in order to revive and to continue previous traditions. The following is shown here: woodcarving, bead weaving, dough art, hand weaving (tapestry), weaving at the machines, visual art, ceramics, pottery, elm processing, patchwork.
The Worldwide academy of sambo, at that the museum of sambo history is working, is open and successfully functioning in Kstov. The rewards, won by Kstov sambo athletes at all the championships of the world, Europe and Russia, are carefully kept in it. The exposition tells us about sports achievements, as well as about the history of the Academy. The collection has big educative importance for the rising generation.
The overall idea about the city and the district is created by historical museum of local lore that is one of the youngest ones in the Nizhni Novgorod Region.
There are unique monuments of nature in the district: springs, gardens, parks, forests. Wonderful beauty of Volzhskie places have attracted film makers’ eyes: 18 feature films have been done on Kstovskaya land.