Gaginskiy district

The district is located in the Southern-Eastern part of the Nizhni Novgorod Region within 160 km off Nizhni Novgorod. Rivers Piyana and Ezhat flow in Gaginskiy district. It has obtained its name due to voivode Ivan Vasilievich Gagain who has got those lands as a reward after Kazan campaign of Ivan the Awesome in 1552. 
Many monuments of architecture are located at the territory of the district: Pokrovskaya church in the village Gulenki, Trinity church in the village Osinovka, Voskresenskaya church in the village Yurievo and many others. But Pashkov’s barton of the 19th century in the village Vetoshkino deserves attention most of all. 
Incredibly beautiful ruins of Pashkov’s barton are one of the most spectacular objects of Gaginskiy district. The huge house, where previously there have been 150 halls, the glass roof, pools, bathrooms, Rome heating system, gigantic cellar, greenhouses, lakes with swans, hiding-places and rich ornamentation, it is hard to list everything that can strike excursionist’s imagination. But unfortunately one can see this magnificence only at several photos, remained in the museum of the barton now. The story about the host of such wealth is very interesting. Imagination adds colourful pictures of Pashkovs family life. The barton has been even the agricultural college for some time. The college has worked in the building of the palace from 1920 up to 1992, it has relocated to the new building in 1992. The palace has remained without the host after it and it has been ransacked and set on fire. The picturesque ruins have remained as well as wine vaults, beautiful park, the host’s build, where tiny museum of Pashkov’s barton and the museum of kettles are located. The two-storeyed building has been refurbished to be mini-hotel for tourists at the territory of the barton as well. One can accomodate in one of four rooms here, made in various colors in the style of the 19th century.