Sergachskiy district

Sergach is the old city of the Nizhni Novgorod Region, the first mention about it in the old Russian chronicles refers to 1382. Piyanskoe battle, known in the history of the state, has taken place exactly here, on the banks of Piyana. 
Today Sergach gets back the previous glory of bear capital of Russia: the rare craft - training of bears has been exactly there at some time. One can say that there is cult of bears in the city: sculptural composition - V.I.Lenin, surrounded by bears, the bear is set up at the entry to the museum of local lore. The museum amazes with the variety of its expositions, one of the brightest and the most interesting ones is the “Bear place of Nizhni Novgorod”. But the museum enables to recall famous people of Russia as well: “Pushkin in Sergach”, “Composer Rakhmaninov in the village Ignatovo”. Yes, the great Russian composer has spent three months in the usual village of the Nizhni Novgorod Governorate - Ignatovo where the nature is wonderful, the hosts have helped him to get rid of gloomy mood. 
Those tourists, who will arrive at Sergach by railway transport, will be lucky: the building of the railway station has been designed by the architect Shusev himself. 
Silver sources, the unique natural object of the district, is located within three kilometers from Sergach, where one can try wonderful water, silver is in composition of this water, and the place itself is very picturesque: there is the source in the low land, the pine wood, chapel, cascade of ponds are around.