Uren district

The Uren district is located in the center of the Nizhny Novgorod region, 200 km from Nizhny Novgorod. Its administrative center is the town of Uren. This name is Mari, it is associated with a personal name “ur”, which is translated as “squirrel”. The population initially consisted of Old Believers, who were engaged in cutting cultivation and cattle farming. Today, Old Believers and Orthodox Christians present the Uren population equally.
The Uren House of Crafts is the only establishment in the north, which specializes in the preservation and revival of traditional Russian crafts. Pottery craft, which has existed in the Uren land since ancient times, continues to develop here. The House of Crafts has an operating weaving loom; willow weaving and woodcarving masters work there.
The local Church of Three Hierarchs was built in Uren in the early 20th century and Nepryakhino village located not far from the town can boast a church built in the 19th century, which today is recognized as an architectural monument.
The territory of the district is covered by a network of small lakes, marches and rivers, which make it especially attractive for tourists who like to spend time in nature. The most popular place for rest and recreation is the reserved Kocheshkovskoye lake.