Tonkino district

According to archive documents, Tonkino village emerged in 1723 on the banks of the Yachta river as an Old Believers’ skete.

Many Old Believers still live in the area, with more than 5 praying houses functioning. The history and traditions of Old Belief have been kept by the museum of local lore opened several years ago.

The Mari are the oldest residents of the district. In order to maintain and revive the Mari culture, the National Cultural Autonomy was created in Tonkino and a thematic festival is held every year.

The key cultural and sportive events of Tonkino are held in the village park, in which a large pond with a fountain is of special interest. Boat regattas and the Epiphany celebration swimming events are held at the pond annually. The park is a popular recreation place among locals and visitors to the area.
The natural heritage of the Tonkino district is preserved and displayed within the nature reserve. Schoolchildren often visit the reserve, in which the “Ecological Trail” is organized, allowing to get familiar with the local nature and its inhabitants.
There are eight active springs in the area, the most famous of which is the mineral spring located close to Nitkin Zavod village.