Sokolskiy district

Sokolskiy district is located in the North of the Nizhni Novgorod Region within 160 km off Nizhni Novgorod. Settlement Sokolskoe is the district centre. 
Sokolskoe village has been founded in 1888 due to organising workshops on repairing river fleet and holding anchorage in winter period and then, in 1902 the shipbuilding yard on the base of the workshops, the main figure of the emblem - the ancient ship speaks about it. Sokolskoe has been the trading village with the convenient backwater for moorage at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century. The majority of residents have been dealing with agriculture. Pottery, tanning, brick crafts have been the traditional crafts in the district. Sokolskoe has been known for its sawyers and carpenters. Nowadays Sokolskiy district has ОАО “Sokolskaya sudoverf”, it is the shipbuilding enterprise, having necessary shipbuilding base and equipment, qualified engineering and working personnel. 
Unique location along the Gorky water basin, high density of forests lead the district to one of the first places as per the environmental indicator. There are 20 monuments of nature at the territory of the district, they are protected by the state. The following are the most important ones: Letnebazovskiy reserve, pine woods, water bodies with black-headed gulls and grey herons, lake Tekun.
Sailing competition of the Nizhni Novgorod Region takes place every year in Sokolskiy district. 
17 monuments of history and culture of local importance are protected here by the state. A number of temples of the 18th-19th centuries are the interesting ones: Krestovozdvizhenskaya church in the village Vysokovo (1790), Voskresenskaya church in the village Shirmaksha (1794), Uspenskaya church in the village Dorofeevo (1812) and others.