Krasnobakovskiy district

The district is located in the Northern-Eastern part of the Nizhni Novgorod Region, within 150 km off Nizhni Novgorod.
The district centre, the settlement Krasnye Baki refers to the oldest settlements of middle Povetluzhie.
Historical museum and the house of crafts, dealing with reviving of traditions of arts and crafts and crafts of Krasnobakovskiy district and making souvenirs for tourists is opened in the district.
The lakes, located at the territory of the district, are interesting. Very deep lake “Zharenskoe”, located in the plain of ancient Pra-Vetluga has the shape of the bowl the same as the cut-off lake. Very beautiful lake “Tatarskoe”, located not far off Nosovoi village, is of covert shape too. This lake is located in the picturesque pine forest and it is steeped in legends and fables as well. It is one of the favourite recreation places of the district residents. 
“Forty klyuchikov” is the name of the place, located in the forest not far from the village Senkino. 40 big and small sources are at the small forest territory. The place, where they are gathered in one, is considered to be sacred. Huge wooden crosses are put at this place from olden times, prayers are organised. Water from the sources is considered to be healing. According to the scientists the huge underground lake is located here (it is the reason of such amount of sources). 
The dendrological park, founded in 1970, has become one of the most picturesque places and pride of Krasnye Baki. There are about 300 sorts of plants, brought from different places of the former Soviet Union here, at the territory of almost 14 ha. 
Krasnobakovskiy ant complex has become very famous, where Krasnobakovskiy forest college not only educates specialists of forestry but also does research work at the territory of 60 hectares. Both dendro-park and ant complex have status of regional monuments of nature. 
There is the recreation base “Chistiye prudy” in the settlement Prudy where residents and guests of the district can spend interesting time.